HP Prime Graphing Calculator For Sat Exam

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

Fans of HP Prime Graphing Calculator are highly technical and knowledgable consumers. A majority of users are from the finance background or from engineering. In short, they require vast math knowledge.

This graphing calculator comes from the family of HP. And being a part of the computer company. The HP Prime Graphing Calculator also seems to be half of a calculator and half of the features of the tablet.

The manufacturer must be having great knowledge of programming and hardware. Therefore, they were able to make their latest release the HP Prime Graphing Calculator an outstanding tool that is packed with the number of unique features and significant upgrades.

So, today we are going to talk about the HP Prime Graphing Calculator. Then what are we wasting time for? Let’s move further and take a look at the complete in-depth review of the HP Prime Graphing Calculator. So just scroll down and do take a look at the complete review.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator Features:

HP Prime Graphing Calculator For Sat Exam

Starting from the design. The HP Prime Graphing Calculator comes it a very common weight and size. But it is very thinner from the earlier versions. A metal plate is placed to cover the bottom half of its front surface. And it top half or I should say the screen part is black.

The design is very sleek and striking. Every part is placed very smartly to make it tough and also gives it quite an attractive looks.


With the compact design, it becomes very easy and simple to carry inside the backpack or in a laptop bag. So, if you are looking for any scientific calculator for your upcoming exam. Then let me tell you that this sat approved calculator is very easy to carry and take with you.

It also has a readable screen and better keys. The enter key is given very big and convenient. All the buttons are very well organized and fairly soft to use as well. Functions that are frequently used are available at a single click of a button. And the calculator also has a backlit color LCD screen. This screen makes it very easy to read.

Also, there are no duplicate key presses. But a little drawback is that the keys of this sat graphing calculator are in different places as compared to other HP calculators. So, you need to actually hunt for the key you need. But it creates problems in the initial days only. Within two to three days you will get habitual of it.

Inside the menu option, you will find the entire Unicode character set. It enables you to use the characters from Japanese, Chinese and a lot more.


Now coming to the display. The HP Prime Graphing Calculator comes with a full-on touch screen display instead of any cursor. And this touch display does a lot better and a convenient job for you. Because when it comes to the graphing, the screen is responsive and perfect for it. For every sat acceptable calculators, graphing is somewhere very important. And in this situation, this best calculator for sat is the right choice.

Graphing is made easy with the HP Prime Graphing Calculator. A student can simply graph a line and then use his finger to pan around it. It is quite similar to you use Google maps on your smartphone.

The touch screen also enables you to zoom in and out by simply pinching onto the graph. And with a certain button, you can split this calculator’s screen into two screens.

Calculator For Sat Exam

But let me tell you that this is only designed for real-world use. So, it won’t allow you to print or generate PDF or other programs of the graph.


I am quite impressed with the battery of this calculator for sat. It offers a rechargeable battery. Inside the calculator is the Li-ion battery which could be easily charged. All you need to do is to plug it into the charger.

The battery comes in a 1500 Mah power and the voltage is 3.7V. A micro USB port. This port is located at the top of this allowed calculator for sat.

The battery comes with great power and has a backup of three to four months. So, it is gonna last long. But the drawback is that it doesn’t matter if you use the calculator or not. The battery will go flat after a specified period anyways.


Apart from all the above features, durability is one of the most important factors for me. It comes out from the family of HP which is a renowned company and known for its immense quality and features.

We already got to know about the outstanding features of the HP Prime Graphing Calculator. But what about the durability?

Well, as I told you above, that the bottom half of this calculator for sat is covered with the metal plate that makes it quite a tough piece to last long.

HP Graphing Calculator

Also, it has a very durable display which not only provides you with the quality display but also great durability experience.

At a very affordable price, the HP Prime Graphing Calculator is surely going to be a fairly good choice for all those who are looking for a good scientific calculator.

The Final Thoughts

This is all about the HP Prime Graphing Calculator. No doubt, it is one of the most amazing as well as the best sat calculator. If you are a professional in the finance field of an engineer. This calculator is the most valuable tool for you for sure.

Prices are fairly affordable, features are really impressive and it offers you outstanding durability. Well, it is a complete package of good things within a compact and sleek design for sure.

This is all from my side about the HP Prime Graphing Calculator. Now it is the time for you to press the buy now button below and get this most amazing and outstanding calculating tool for yourself. And it will never let you down for sure.

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