Best Mcat Prep Books Buying Guide 2020

Scoring a satisfactory score in the upcoming MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test is the foremost challenge in front of you to overcome to get admission into fairly good medical schools available. While many experts and former test takers have claimed that this standardized test is quite tough, but it is perfectly possible to ace it with enough practice and the right preparation material.

After the complete in-depth research, I can claim that MCAT prep books are the best study material when it comes to the quality and good marks in the exam. No doubt, it will surely help you improve your overall score.

Below I have put together the best MCAT prep books 2020 to help you efficiently pass the exam. Because I want you to clear your MCAT exam as bad as you want… Well, maybe this is not a true thing, but I surely want you to perform well. And I am completely confident that you will surely do well in your upcoming MCAT exam with these best MCAT review books.

Now, let’s don’t waste much time. And move further to check out all the best MCAT prep books. Below is the complete list of Top 5 MCAT review books.

Top 5 Best Mcat Prep Books Buying Guide

1. MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2020-2021: By Kalpna Test Prep

Best Mcat Prep Books -Book Subject Review

The MCAT complete 7-book subject review 2020-2021 by Kalpna test prep is the first name in every person’s mind when it comes to the best MCAT study guide. It is very comprehensive as well as the most informed study books available nowadays in the market. It has everything that you need to get admission to medical school.

But what makes the Kalpna MCAT complete 7 books subject review special? You are not just going to get the content for studying. But in this book, you will also find the best of test strategies and practice sessions too. In this book, you will get 7 subjects specific book that too with the practice test for the following: Biochemistry, Behavior Science, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics and math, reasoning skills section, and critical analysis.

You will get a complete in-depth discussion of all the 7 subjects as well as concepts that are part of the syllabus of the upcoming MCAT exam.  But how you need to be completely sure of it?

Well, let me tell you that this set is not only made by the most established test prep in the entire world. But let me tell you that this content is also guaranteed by the AAMC aligned itself.

This means you can expect to get the best as well as the most accurate information in this best MCAT book. So, if you are planning to use this as a reference for your test prep efforts, then you surely making the right choice. The company is also very credible and reliable. So you can certainly count on them to help you get completely ready for the big day.

Lots of people also love this set for the visual presentation of all the information. All the concepts are very nicely represented in graphs and diagrams so you won’t get too overwhelmed looking at walls of text all the time.

Apart from the study tests, you will also get 3 online practice tests and a 24-page quick sheet booklet for on-the-go studying. But if you don’t have much time left, then this will not be a good option for you. But overall, it is a fairly good book that you can get for your upcoming MCAT exam for sure.

  • In-depth discussion of the concepts
  • Comprehensive and covers nearly everything you can expect on the test
  • Easy and interesting
    • Not appropriate for you if you don’t leave with much time for the exam

2. MCAT Prep Books 2020-2021: By Test Prep Books

MCAT Prep Books 2020-2021

For all those who are looking for a painless and quick guide to kick off your test prep, Well, then this MCAT prep book by test prep books is the best one for you. For most people, it works as a brief and concise study guide to provide the best results. Because it is a book with only 304 pages and still it covers all the sections of the test.

Well, let me tell you that if you have no clue on how to begin preparing for the exam day, then let me tell you that this best MCAT prep books 2020 is surely going to be a great choice. Simply read this best MCAT review books thoroughly from cover to cover. Just a simple read will provide you with the complete idea of which topic you should include in your study plan as you can also monitor your results from the practice problems.

Many people also tend to use this as a handy review book if they are more confident about their knowledge. So, they can simply increase their chances to get into a medical school. Also, all those who are trapped in time or are not tend to go for an in-depth study already find this prep book sufficient for their needs. No doubt, this Best Mcat Prep Books will surely help you pass your upcoming MCAT exam.

And if you have already study and known to almost all the topics for your MCAT exam, then this best MCAT review book will work as the most amazing refresher.

So, what exactly can you expect from the MCAT test book by the test prep books? You will get complete chapter to chapter study on the sections of the MCAT including all the important concepts that will help you with the complete in-depth reviews of the subject that are more likely to be asked in the upcoming MCAT exam.

You will also find several sample test questions to help you get a better understanding of the MCAT’s format as well as 2 full-length practice exams. The best part of this book is its several test-taking strategies that are the best to help you conquer your exam with a hitch. At a very friendly and affordable price, this is the Best Mcat Prep Books.

  • Brief And Concise
  • Covers everything for the MCAT exam
  • Detailed Explanations of All the practice test questions
  • Affordable Price
    • You can find some occasional typing errors in this book

3. The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set 3rd edition is another 7 book set that everyone should check out at least once. It is a completely comprehensive and in-depth review guide. It is the best study material to focus on the complete study material of the MCAT exam.

If you have a gut feeling that going for an in-depth study as your prep efforts will be good. Then let me tell you that with this book, you are surely going to get admission into the medical school of your choice. But let me tell you that this book has quite a similar format as the Kaplan MCAT complete 7 books subject review. At many points, both these books are quite similar. Although, these books are quite similar in terms of 7 books set, and along with that, they both come with the full-color illustration and also many full-length practice tests. Both these books also include end of chapter quizzes as well.

But the Princeton Review MCAY subject review is said to edge out because of its serious in-depth discussion of everything. The way you will see all the discussion of every point, it will help you to master everything that you should know to pass your upcoming MCAT exam.

Now comes the important question that what makes this best MCAT review book stand out of the que? Well, the amazing way of presenting all the information is quite impressive and distinctive. It guides you in a fairly good way into going over every important thing that you must learn and keep in your mind if you really want to crack your MCAT exam. All the 7 books included in the Princeton Review MCAT subject Review has a great focus on each subject tested in the said test. Therefore, it is a guarantee that you will cover all the topics when getting ready or preparing for the MCAT exam.

Although it comes with a very comprehensive and informed review content. In this best MCAT book published by the Princeton is still a very useful one for all those who need to get a quick study of all the relevant concepts and topics that are expected to come out in the Medical Common Admission test.

Unfortunately, many people don’t find the Princeton reviews to be as plentiful as the Kaplan’s. But let me tell you that you will most likely need to get the sterling test prep question book to get the most amazing practice test experience. However it is also a bit more expensive than the Kaplan’s but still, the content is very amazing and relevant to help you prepare at the best.

  • In-depth discussion for all the topics and concepts
  • End of chapter quizzes to help you check what you have learned and reviewed periodically
  • High-quality visual presentation of all the important information
    • Don’t include so much of practical questions

4. The Princeton Review MCAT 3rd Edition

Princeton Review MCAT 3rd Edition

The Princeton Review MCAT, 3rd Edition is a very amazing review set for all those who are looking for a quick revision or last moment learning sessions.

As I said above, the Princeton Review is a prominent brand in the test prep space and also in tutoring and education. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have created another best MCAT review book which also includes the best test strategies and tips to help you conquer your upcoming MCAT exam.

It is not so comprehensive and doesn’t get into the detail of every topic. But when it comes to the quick revision, this is the best MCAT review book. Also, if you didn’t leave with so much of time and looking for a quick study to help you clear the upcoming medical college admission test then let me tell you that the Princeton Review MCAT, 3rd edition is the best MCAT prep book 2020 for you.

You will also find 4 practice tests that will help you prepare in the best manner. These tests are in the same format as the original MCAT exam. And the difficulty level of the questions is also quite similar. So, you can get proper practice to attempt all the questions within time. Also, it tells you how to form the proper answer to every question. So you are surely going to pass the exam and get in your dream medical college with this best MCAT review book.

This book is the complete content coverage for the MCAT exam. It covers every topic from small to complex with all the essential details. So, if you are late for complete preparation for your exam, then nothing is going to save you except for this best MCAT study books.

And if you are completely prepared for the exam and looking for a quick revision. Then this Princeton Review MCAT, 3rd Edition is surely going to be the best to revise every topic and prepare in the best manner for your coming MCAT exam for sure

  • 4 Practice Test, same like the real MCAT exam
  • Complete content coverage
  • Affordable Prices
  • Short and simple to study
  • Best for quick revision and last moment studies
    • Not appropriate for complete in-depth study of the subject matter

5. The Premed Playbook Guide To The MCAT: By Ryan Gray MD And Next Step Test Prep

The Premed Playbook Guide MCAT

Together Ryan Gray MD and Next Step Test Prep have prepared one of the most amazing books for MCAT preparation. The Premed Playbook Guide to the MCAT. This best MCAT review book consists of everything that you need to understand what the MCAT is, How to prepare for it, what test day looks like and a lot more information related to the MCAT.

So, if you have any questions in your mind related to registering, studying, voiding, and so many more clarifications are there in this book for you. But let me tell you that this book is not the comprehensive one. Rather it includes short and simple content for point to point comprehensively.

This book answers for you the most common answers that will help you understand every concept in a better way. For a quick point to point revision, this book is the most amazing. For everyone short of time and looking for short and simple content to pass the exam. Then let me tell you that this best MCAT study book is the best one to solve every problem for you.

So, if you are also looking to maximize your score and get to your dream Medical school then this book is a great ladder for you to get on heights. After preparation, a quick revision is the best thing to remember everything. This is where The Premed Playbook Guide to the MCAT will help you for sure.

The best part is that this book is made by two very experienced authors. So, in this book, you will get the experience of two different authors to help you pass your upcoming MCAT exam.

At a very affordable price, this MCAT review book is amazingly suitable for everyone looking for a quick revision. And for all the last moment learners solely this best MCAT review book will be enough for you to pass the exam. But honestly, you will only get passing marks with this book. So, if you are looking for maximum grades, then this book will be good as an additional book for quick, simple and short revision of every topic.

  • Short and simple content
  • Perfect for revision
  • Covers every topic you need for your upcoming MCAT exam
  • Affordable price
    • Not the right book for detail in-depth learners

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How To Prepare For Your Upcoming MCAT Exam

The MCAT exam is a marathon and not a sprint. To get succeed and pass the exam, you can prepare in the best manner. But the simple secret is that preparation is paramount. Many people out there don’t even start preparing for their MCAT exam three to four months before they take the exam.

It may sound like a lot of time, but when you take into consideration that most of the students are taking 12 academic credit hours, volunteering at a hospital, or other extracurricular activities and are also involved in research and are also working part time for three to four months are quickly becoming inadequate.

According to me, six months is actually adequate time to start for your exam. So, how do you make the most out of your time before you anticipate your date? Below are a few tips that will help you maximize your efforts and get the most out of your preparation for your upcoming MCAT exam.

Tips On How To Prepare For Your Upcoming MCAT Exam

1. Know What You Are Facing?

The best what to start preparing your exam is to know what you are up against. Taking some practice MCAT under test conditions before you have done any kind of preparation can be a very effective move. And sometimes Jarring, way to jump-start your MCAT training.

Also, let me tell you that the Association of American Medica College (AAMC) currently offers a free practice of MCAT online. Let me tell you that this is perfect as well as a free opportunity to familiarize yourself with the content and also the format of the test.

Also, practice under test conditions is important because it helps you to get used to the time pressure. So, you should not felt the time pressure for the first time a few weeks before the exam. Please remember, not to beat yourself up if you don’t do well in the practice test. Once you know what you are facing. You can accordingly set your plan and strategy for success.

2. Don’t Simply Memorize

By the time you are sitting down to take the MCAT, you have already demonstrated you are completely capable of learning new information and also using new formulas. Therefore, all those who have created the MCAT are not interested in your ability to memorize the formulas. They are so much more interested in your ability to understand physics, biology as well as the chemical process they describe.

Here is the tip, when you review the MCAT physics and biology science material, not only think of answering the practice question, rather ask yourself if you can explain the same to a fifth-grade student in an understandable way? This may sound crazy. But if you have understood all the concepts in that way that you are able to teach it. Then let me tell you that you are ready to take the upcoming medical college admission test for sure.

3. Focus On Your Weakness

It is quite common that we all want to feel like we are smart. And consequently, a majority of premedical students tend to focus on their strength while preparing for their MCAT exam and let their weakness fester. Let me tell you that it is not a good strategy.

Whether you are choosing an MCAT study course or going to study on your own, use the practice test and your demonstrated strengths. It will help you identify your weaknesses. As a guide, it will help you to hone your study plan.

According to me, the best plan is the one that helps you to develop your strength while improving your weaker areas. You should not rely just on your strengths to help you pass the exam. You need to be as solid as possible in all the aspects of the exam to perform at the highest possible level.

The final Thoughts On How To Prepare For Your Upcoming MCAT Exam

So, these are the three tips on How To Prepare For Your Upcoming MCAT Exam. Simply follow the above tips and it will help you form a better strategy as well as plan for your upcoming MCAT exam for sure.

Also, I would advise you to get one or even more best MCAT prep books from the above review. With the right book and right strategy to prepare for the upcoming MCAT exam, nothing can stop you to pass it and get the admission to your favorite medical school.

This is all from my side on this topic. Now it is time for you to get the best MCAT prep book 2020 and formulate the right plans and start preparing for your Exam. All the best for your exam and don’t forget to tell me your scores.

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