Best AP World History Review Books Buying Guide

Finding the Best AP World History Review Books is a very tough task. Therefore, we are here to help you get the best. In this guide, we are going to share with you our top picks for the Best AP World History Review Books. Because of how vast the world history is, it is not only considered as an academic course. Rather it is a study as a whole in itself.

This makes the choice of books a little different and difficult too. So, if you are planning to take the advance placement world history or AP world history exam then you require the advance books only. Let me tell you that the exam is not the easiest one you can choose. For instance, take a look at the recent exam result. Around 55% of those who took the exam were able to pass it with a score of 3 or higher.

In a nutshell, you will require a definite guide to get clarity of what you have to actually study for instead of just studying all the history books out there. AP world history textbooks are available and these books will not only help you to study for your AP world history exam. But these books are also the best to improve your knowledge of everything you didn’t learn in your high school history course.

But because they are so many different books available out there. It becomes even more difficult for you to choose the right AP world history review book then the exam itself. Therefore, to help you choose the best book available out there, here are the top picks of the Best AP World History Review Books. We believe these books will surely help you get the highest score possible in the upcoming AP world history exam.

Top Picks Of The Best AP World History Review Books

1. Cracking the AP World History: By Princeton Review

The Princeton review AP world history is termed as one of the best AP exam material. This version is no exception when it comes to the excellence of the study tool. If you are looking to pass or score high in the AP world history exam, then this book is very useful for you. No wonder it is the best selling book in the whole market.

The book delivers every material that you need to get a score of 5 or at least passing marks in the next AP world history exam. Everything in this Ap world history book is completely detailed and well informed through a larger perspective. You will not find anything from a more focused as well as a smaller point of view.

But still, in this book, you will only get the material which is important for your exam and not the larger extra stuff. The study material of this Best AP World History Review Books is fairly easy to understand and also very comprehensive. Because this book approaches you in the conversational style. While you study with this book, you will feel like this book is actually speaking to you and telling you everything.

This makes you better grasp all the important topics, concepts, and details. Because it feels like the book is actually telling you a story and you remember it thoroughly without any efforts due to this. Not only the larger thematic perspective. But this book provides you with great summaries that are easy to understand and retain. So, if you have short of time the summarizations will help you to score passing marks.

The best part of this AP world history review book is that it even provides you with the guide on how to answer short questions and multiple-choice questions while helps you to assess your own progress in your review.

In this book, you will also find access to proper study plans online. Also, you will get a list of things and terms that you should take a not of for your upcoming AP World History Exam. Also, it is very affordable and provides you with a great amount of content. No doubt, this book is worth it.

  • Comprehensive And Simple
  • Easy To Understand And Digest
  • Tips, Study Plans, and Practice Exam
  • Well Rounder And Complete Book
    • No Cons At All. This Book Is Just Perfect

2. Barron’s AP World History: By John McCannon

If you are looking for a very comprehensive AP world history textbook that covers every important topic you need to know from start to finish, then this Barron’s AP World History Book By John McCannon is the best for you. It is a thorough book. Here you will find the entire coverage from the foundation of civilization all the way to modern-day history. So, if we talk about the coverage, there is probably no other book more complete then this Best AP World History Review Books.

Because of the comprehensiveness of this book, it is way better if you have time to study for your exam. It will not only help you pass the exam rather help you to enhance your knowledge to the best extend. This book is more like a textbook but summarized and way a lot easier to read and understand. Although this AP World History review book is a long read, it is not very difficult to read, understand and digest. Therefore, this book is basically fit for both, your review exam as well as your actual world history courses.

After all, it is a review book and not a textbook. So, you will find all the tips and strategies so that you can efficiently answer all kinds of questions such as multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and even essays. You can also make your own study plan with the help of this book. Because here you will get charts and keywords that make reviewing easier and a lot more bearable.

The best part of this Best AP World History Review Books is that it also includes a practice test. These tests are not very difficult but they are challenging enough to make you feel like a real AP world history exam. These tests help you to check out your performance as well as your understanding of all the important key concepts that have a higher chance to come to your actual exam.

  • Comprehensive Review
  • Entire Coverage Of All The Material Prescribed By The College Board
  • Helps You To Make Your Own Study Plan
  • Two Full-Length Practice test
    • Everything Is Comprehenced, So You Require A Little More Time To Study It Thoroughly

3. 5 Step To A 5: AP World History: By Peggy Martin

5 Steps To A 5 is consistently one of the Best AP World History Review Books. And not only for world history but for all the AP exams, it is termed as the best. But when we talk about this Best AP World History Review Books. This book stands out because it not only helps you review for the AP world history exam, but it even helps to prepare you even in a more holistic way.

So, if you follow its usual five-step plan, before you do anything, the reviewer will help you set up your own study plan in the first place. Then it will allow you to calculate how prepared you are by simply testing you out with the sample exams. Also, before you reach actual reviews, it provides you with a comprehensive overview of the exam format. This will help you to form your own strategies and approach to answering the questions in the exam.

After you are done with strategizing, you will then be provided with a thorough and comprehensive review of all the important terms and concepts that you have to equip yourself with for the upcoming AP World History Exam. This part of the book is fairly shorter as compare to other review books. And it is very easy to read, understand as well as digest.

The final part of the review material is the two practice tests. These tests are specially made not only to help you calculate how well you have already studied and reviewed. But it also gives you confidence that you should have before you are actually going to give your exam. Let me tell you that the practice test is not more difficult than the original exam. But they are actually challenging enough to make you feel like you are attempting the real exam.

With the affordable price, this Best AP World History Review Books is a great book that will help you to achieve a 5 in your upcoming AP World History Exam. Also, it is still a very reliable book for anyone looking for just passing the exam.

  • Four Practice Exams
  • Different Study Plans To Prepare The Best
  • Quick And Simple Read For Those Who Have Less Time Left For Exam
  • Step By Step Guide To Help You Better Understanding Of Everything
    • Exam Formats Are Not Completely Up To Date

4. AP World History Prep Plus: By Kaplan Test Prep

The Kaplan Test Prep is considered one of the best for making review books for the AP exam. So, you can also expect the best material in the Kaplan Test prep’s AP World History Prep Plus too.

They actually guarantee that you will surely do well in your coming AP World history exam. The reason behind this guarantee is how well they revised their review material to get realistically fit for what you need to learn to get a higher score in your exam.

The review material of this book is more focused on the essential concepts and details that you need to learn within the study time you have. Therefore, you can consider this Best AP World History Review Books a quick and simple read as compared to other study material.

This AP world history review book comes with the proper study plan. This plan offers you great flexibility. So you can adjust it according to your goals and the amount of time left for your exam. This AP world history textbook also has the strategies that are the best to help you know what kind of approach you should have when you attempt the AP world history exam.

But this book somehow lacks when it comes to the content. Because this book is not a comprehensive one compared to its other competitors. Also, it does include a few practice tests. But these tests are not so much difficult as well as challenging. Many other review books come with a better collection of test which is equally difficult and challenging as the real AP world history exam. Apart from the content, this is a fairly good book at an affordable price.

  • Customizable study plan
  • Quick Read, ideal for you in rush
  • Test for a complete practice
  • Well focused
    • Not so comprehensive for complete details

5. Advanced Placement World History: By Editors

This book is designed for the AP world history exam. But you can also prefer it as a textbook for the actual course, review material for the exam, or it is also best as a supplementary resource for those taking college world history course.

But let me tell you that it is a lot better in terms of study material as compared to the high school textbooks. Because it is very simplified as well as easy to understand. It is written in such a way that it becomes very easy for all the students to comprehend all the important concepts and events that have happened in world history.

And if we take a look at the written material, this book is considered one of the best AP world history textbooks. There are lots of satisfied customers who have already raved about how useful and relevant this book is when it is about helping them to review for their upcoming AP world history exam.

But its approach is not holistic like its competitors in the market. Because it does not includes any customizable study plan or amazing strategies and tips on how to take the real exam. Also, let me tell you that it has a few good practice tests but they didn’t come with the answers. So, you have to look for all the answers all by yourself.

Despite all these flaws, this is still a very amazing study material as well as one of the Best AP World History Review Books to have. It may have some weaknesses and shortcomings. But when it comes to the study material and content, it is really helpful, easy to read and digest. It even has the caliber to become the Best AP World History Review Books if it overcomes its weaknesses.

  • Content is easy to read, understand and digest
  • Comprehensive content
    • Does not comes with customizable plans and strategies

6. No Bull Review: By Jeremy Klaff And Harry Klaff

As the title of the book suggests, this AP world history book doesn’t waste any time or any bull when it comes to helping your review for your upcoming AP world history exam. Believing that you should not be using a full-length review material, the author wrote this Best AP World History Review Books to help you make the most out of your time and money. Therefore, they delivered a short study aid as the No Bull Review.

No so long and comprehensive as its competitors, the No bull review delivers a short and quick review that dwells only on the most important concepts, terms, events, and themes of world history by simply using short and simple explanations. After each chapter, you will find multiple-choice questions that help you to calculate how much you have learned from that particular chapter.

This book doesn’t include a full-length practice test. But still, it has multiple choice questions, short answer questions, as well as essay questions that are the most helpful to test yourself. The best part is the simple questions and answers that give you ideas and strategies on how to tackle and answer the actual AP world history exam.

This is the best quick study guide for those who don’t have much time. This AP world history review book is priced very reasonably on the lower end. It is one of the most affordable books that can certainly be used as a study aid or as a fairly good supplementary material to the textbook or other review books.

  • Simple and Quick approach
  • Explains the most important things for your exam
  • Sample Questions and Answers for complete preparation
  • Simple and Easy to understand and digest
    • Doesn’t includes full-length practice tests

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How To Study For The AP World History Exam: Key Tips

Here are some of the tips to help you prepare in the best manner for your upcoming AP world history exam.

Tip 1: Don’t Try To Memorise Everything

If you are thinking of memorizing the entirety of human history. I guess you need to think again. Although the AP world history exam takes a wide span of time, still you can’t expect to learn every small detail while studying. Rather focus on major patterns, key culture and political development and significant technological developments throughout history.

For instance, you don’t really need to know that in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Or you didn’t even require to know the details of his voyage. Rather you should be able to explain why the European colonization of the Americans happened. You should also know about the economic effects it had on various countries. So rather than remembering every small detail, you should focus more on important points.

Tip 2: Keep Up With Your Reading

It is the AP world history. You can’t sleep through the class for the whole year. Skim an AP world history textbook in April and then you can expect to get a score of 5 in your AP world history exam. After all, you have to learn a huge chunk of human history. Trying to cram for this test late is both stressful and inefficient. Majorly because of the sheer volume of material that you require to cover.

Therefore, it is better to keep up with your reading and do well in your history class. It is best to ensure you are building a strong foundation of knowledge throughout the year. If your teacher isn’t already requiring you to do something like this, then I would advise you to be sure to keep the notes of your reading throughout the year.

You can prepare it in the form of outline, summaries or anything else that you find useful. Taking proper notes will help you process the reading and help you remember them in a better way. Your notes will also become a valuable study tool at the end time.

Tip 3: Take Practice Exam And Set A target Score

In the spring, aim to take at least one complete practice exam. In late March or early April, when you have learned almost complete world history material, you must go for a full practice exam. By the full practice exam, we mean the entire sample of the AP world history exam. Don’t forget to time yourself and follow the official time restrictions.

It is the best way to get a chance of experience how it feels like to take a full AP world history exam before you sit for the real one. This helps you to build stamina and perfect your timing of attempting the exam. All the practice of the world will get total waste if you run out of steam on your last essay question. And you can barely think of anything at that time.

Also, set a target score for each section will help you pass the exam. The simple motto that you should follow is the more you practice before your test, the more likely you are to meet or even exceed your AP world history exam score goal.

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